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Districts of Sikkim

Sikkim is a small and beautiful state located in the northeastern region of India . It is bordered by Nepal to the west, Bhutan to the east, and Tibet to the north. Sikkim is known for its scenic beauty, vibrant culture, and unique cuisine. In this blog post, we will be presenting information about the districts, area, population, and literacy rate of Sikkim in a table format. District Area (km²) Population (2011) Literacy Rate (%) East Sikkim 954 281293 81.42 West Sikkim 1167 136299 76.43 North Sikkim 4226 43354 66.95 South Sikkim 750 146850 70.19 As we can see from the table, Sikkim has four districts - East Sikkim, North Sikkim, South Sikkim, and West Sikkim. East Sikkim is the most populated district with a population of 281,293 people as per the 2011 Census. It is also the smallest district in terms of area, covering only 954 sq. km. On the other hand, North Sikkim is the largest district in terms of area, covering an area of 4,226 sq. km, but has the smallest population of only 4

Top 10 developed cities in Sikkim

Sikkim: It is a small but beautiful state in northeastern India . The state is known for its natural beauty, serene environment, and cultural heritage. Over the past few years, several cities in Sikkim have witnessed significant growth and development. In this blog post, we have listed the top 10 developed cities in Sikkim. 1. Gangtok Gangtok is the capital city of Sikkim and is the most developed city in the state. The city has witnessed significant growth in infrastructure, healthcare, education, and tourism in recent years. Gangtok is also known for its serene environment, beautiful landscapes, and rich culture. 2. Namchi Namchi is a rapidly developing city in Sikkim and is known for its beautiful landscapes and cultural heritage. The city has several tourist attractions, including the famous Namchi Monastery and the Temi Tea Garden . 3. Pelling Pelling is a small but beautiful city located in the western part of Sikkim. The city is known for its natural beauty and is a popular to


Sikkim: A Mesmerizing Destination in the Himalayas Sikkim, a small Indian state located in the Northeastern region, is a hidden gem in the Himalayas . It is surrounded by towering mountains and is a haven for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. From its diverse landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant people, there is so much to explore and experience in Sikkim. Nature's Beauty One of the most significant draws of Sikkim is its breathtaking natural beauty. It is home to some of the highest peaks in the world, including Mount Kanchenjunga , which is the third-highest mountain in the world . The state also boasts of several glaciers, crystal-clear lakes, and rolling hills dotted with vibrant flowers and lush green forests. The Kanchenjunga National Park , which is a UNESCO World Heritage site , is a must-visit for anyone who loves nature. Adventure Activities Sikkim is an ideal destination for adventure enthusiasts. From trekking, mountain biking, and paragliding to whi