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Districts of West Bengal

West Bengal, located in the eastern part of India, is the fourth most populous state in the country. The state is divided into 23 districts, each with its own unique characteristics and demographics. In this blog post, we will present a table that summarizes the districts, area, population, and literacy rate of West Bengal.

DistrictArea (km²)Population (2011 Census)Literacy Rate (%)
Cooch Behar3,3872,819,08674.78
Dakshin Dinajpur2,1831,676,27662.55
North 24 Parganas4,09510,009,78184.06
Paschim Bardhaman7,0242,882,03174.99
Paschim Medinipur9,9315,943,30078.00
Purba Bardhaman5,6694,895,51477.02
Purba Medinipur4,7885,095,87584.06
South 24 Parganas9,9608,153,17677.51
Uttar Dinajpur3,0073,007,13460.96
As we can see from the table, North 24 Parganas is the most populous district with over 10 million people, while Kalimpong is the smallest district both in terms of area and population. Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, has the highest literacy rate at 87.14%, while Uttar Dinajpur has the lowest literacy rate at 60.96%. Overall, West Bengal has a literacy rate of 76.26%, which is slightly lower than the national literacy rate of 77.7%.

In conclusion, the table highlights the diverse demographic profile of the districts of West Bengal. By understanding the unique characteristics of each district, policymakers can design targeted interventions to address specific challenges and promote inclusive growth.


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